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ABOUT: Welcome

Georgia Wright (she/her) is a storyteller and producer based in Providence, Rhode Island. While her chosen mediums vary, she is especially passionate about imaginative writing and carefully crafted audio. 

Georgia is the co-creator and producer of Inherited, a New York Times-recommended podcast about the youth climate movement from audio network Critical Frequency. Inherited's 4-episode pilot season was released in autumn 2020, and has been featured on Apple Podcasts and in such outlets as Grist, Outside Magazine, and Earther. On Earth Day 2021, Georgia and her Inherited co-creator, Julianna Bradley, were featured on CBS This Morning with Gayle King

Georgia has worked on media projects for a wide variety of organizations. She has collaborated on beloved NPR shows, created unorthodox stories for start-ups, helped produce speaker series and science festivals, and worked in tiny news departments for independent local radio stations. Her writing has been published in The Guardian.

In addition to her ongoing work on Inherited, Georgia currently produces YR Media's podcast Adult ISH, distributed by Radiotopia. At YR, she has contributed to such projects as the Gracie-award winning "Teens in America" collaboration with the Washington Post. She is also a researcher and occasional contributor to the climate newsletter Hot Take

Previously, Georgia was an active member of the Sunrise Movement's NYC chapter. She is an alumna of Brown University, where she was the recipient of a B.A. in Literary Arts, with honors, and a Casey Shearer Memorial Award for Excellence in Creative Nonfiction. In early 2020, she received a Merlyn's Pen Climate Grant.

A former theatre kid, Georgia brings imagination, sensitivity, a strong understanding of narrative, and personal flair to her work across disciplines. She enjoys playing music with family, dabbling in the fine arts, and spending time with fellow queer community members. She is a dedicated cat parent and occasionally moonlights as a drag performer. 

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